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The Lewis & Clark Visitor Center is pleased to be able to offer a discounted rate for tours and field trips to Observe and Discover more than one destination in Nebraska City.

We are proud to be partnering with the Kimmel Orchard, the Kregel Windmill Museum and the KHN Center for the Arts. We can customize an itinerary based on the number of hours you have available and the sites you want to experience. We can also arrange for lunches

Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard is an educational foundation focused on interactive learning. For over 90 years, Kimmel Orchard has educated guests on alternative agriculture. Take a guided hayrack ride through all 98 acres and see over 20 apple varieties and seven different fruits grown. Walk through our Tree Dome Nature Trail and discover native plants and wildlife. Stop and play on the Kimmel Pollinator Playground Educational Park. Visit the historic Apple Barn and see our apple sorting line as well as our apple cider press!

The Lewis and Clark Center is located on 79 acres where you can walk in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, over looking the Missouri River. Observe and discover plants and animals on trails through wooded bluffs and grassland prairie. Watch a 30-minute video of the epic journey of Lewis and Clark. Explore several exhibits featuring the 122 new animals and the 178 new plants that Lewis and Clark discovered. Walk aboard a full size replica of the keelboat, play a video game navigating the white pirogue upstream. Interact with displays of prairie dogs, buffalo, .grizzly bears, elk fish, and birds. Explore a Native American earth lodge.

Established over 112 years ago, Kregel Windmill Museum is the only windmill factory museum in the USA. Follow a guided tour that details station-to-station how windmills were made. Experience interactive displays including the effect of wind direction on windmills and how a hand operated pump functions. Watch an original “Ell” windmill operate and pump water. See one of the only 13 original operable factory line shaft power systems in the USA, and learn more about how factories operated during the
industrial revolution era.

Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts (KHN) supports established and emerging writers, visual artists and composers from around the world. The Center’s unique complex provides working artists an ideal environment for work, reflection and creative g rowth. Include a visit to KHN in your tour and experience the center’s midcentury modern, prairie-style complex that exemplifies graceful living. Discover works by regional artists in the KHN gallery and in our permanent collection.

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